Cities for supper. Song Dong and his biscuit’s installations


As for any great artist who is worthy to talk about labeling Song Dong within a single artistic medium would be to diminish the total artist who shows himself in every action, in every installation or sculpture. Born in 1966 in Beijing, he experienced the mad transformations that Chinese society is making to the territory. […]

Vacuuming Bad Thoughts. Wang Renzheng Performance in Beijing


He’s the guy every netizen wants to talk about. Wang Renzheng also known as Jianguo Xiongdi or Nut Brother, a chinese artist from Beijing. Like commonly happens there aren’t much news or infos about him however, in some way and don’t misunderstand me, it doesn’t matter! What’s really important, again, is that a chinese artist is showing us […]

Fresh Feelings. HUGO BOSS Asia Art Award for Emerging Asian Artists @ RAM Shanghai


At RAM again! An amazing and, in my opinion, well organized exhibition again! Rockbound Art Museum’s cozy space hosts the 2015 HUGO BOSS Asian Art Award for Emerging Asian Artists. More clearly, six artists have been presented: Yang Xinguang (China), Vandy Rattana (Cambodia), Moe Satt (Myanmar), Huang Po-Chih (Taiwan), Guan Xiao (China) and the HUGO BOSS […]