Contemporary Ghosts Stories. Tang Tao @ thegallery Shanghai

tang tao man in suit

Thegallery’s space in Shanghai M50 staged Tang Tao solo exhibition “The Silent Uproar of Truth“.

The painting medium in China had certainly suffered less cultural and style contaminations in the past, compared to the western one. In simple terms, painting is not considered as dead as in the West culture. Chinese painting, in its several shades has much to offer, much to say.

Tang’s a painter born 1967 in Chengdu. There’s no action in Tang’s paintings, no real heroes, no approaching storms. White bodies, sometimes white dressed as well, on solid color canvases. He focuses on quite people, quite subjects, people saw in a quick street walk maybe. Staring at those paintings for few minutes can let you figure out the truth; there’a a unique subtle background sound in all of them which becomes rasping and even more grating eventually. A cosmic b

ackground noise connecting every human being life. These are not ghosts from an undefined past nor from a distant future, they’re nowadays daily stories, nor significant or meaningful, just contemporary ghosts stories.



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