Li Wei. Flying and Falling over China

girl flying in the sky li wei

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations at the limit of reality. Between the absolute certainty of the mainland and the fear of falling from dizzying heights. The reality is that we are driven by a gravitational force that does not allow us to be free as we would like. We would have no limits in the air, we would not need pre-established routes.

Li Wei frees us from the chains of gravity, frees us in heaven. But when the air has filled the lungs full werealize that we are coming back down, pushed by the same force. Li Wei stops that moment in the air, immobilizes a point that we can no longer remember if we are still climbing or the fall is inexorable. His personal approach to the world is really ironic, sometimes he makes us smile. Nobody in his works is afraid of the fall.

In the Flying Over China series, the country is the background to the subjects hovering in the air, in this case gravity no longer seems to be taken into consideration. The dancer flies over the Chinese countryside, the yellow dragon is held up in the sky of a small village as if to welcome the new year. The work of Li Wei is animated by positive feelings and gives us strength. In a society that is going deep he invites us to stay in the air, maybe, to look at the positive side.
So far so good, so far so good, so far so good. That’s not how you fall that matters.

Thanks to the artist for being available and for sharing his thoughts and some of his works.