New Social Boundaries in Thomas Feuerstein installation @ CAC Shanghai

CAC, Chronus Art Center in Shanghai hosts the amazing Thomas Feuerstein exhibition “Psychoprosa“. Feuerstein has been formed like an Art

Thomas Feuerstein, Psychoprosa @ CAC Shanghai, 2016, Photo by L.R.
Thomas Feuerstein, Psychoprosa @ CAC Shanghai, 2016, Photo by L.R.

Historian and Philosophy, that’s the reason why he choose a diversified use of mediums. The whole exhibition is a huge installation made of laboratory tools and instruments through which a mysterious green and colorless liquid flows. This liquid, its manufacturing and its transmutation is a secret the viewer has to understand.

From the exhibition booklet: “Linked by pipes, the apparatuses and objects seem like active protagonists: inside glass sculptures, substances are transformed by invisible laboratory assistants, and refrigerators open and close as if inspired by demons or ghosts. A chemical process is employed to extract a synthetic substance from algae and fungi to create the molecule psilamine, which does not yet occur in nature.”

We are like intruders in a weird and mad place, something very important is going to happen in that place but nobody is going to explain us the reason because the only way to see or have a contact with the laboratory-ghosts-assistants is looking into a small screen in the so-called Cooling Chamber, where they’re to busy on their job and they really don’t care about us.

The final product is contained in big vessels called Accademia dei Secreti which, mentioning the booklet again: “The spectacular Accademia dei Secreti which forms the conclusion and climax to the entire installation sees transparentslime being pumped through enormous glass vessels in vast quantities. The artist now introduces his audience to the ‘slime age’, during which humanity will protoplasmically merge to form a new collective.”

The austrian artist  produces a work which talks about new boundaries between human and science, living and dead, about future possibilities of the contemporary society.





CAC, Shanghai, China

March.26.2016 – June.26.2016

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