Vacuuming Bad Thoughts. Wang Renzheng Performance in Beijing

Wang Renzheng performance in Beijing
Wang Renzheng performance in Beijing.
Wang Renzheng performance in Beijing.

He’s the guy every netizen wants to talk about. Wang Renzheng also known as Jianguo Xiongdi or Nut Brother, a chinese artist from Beijing. Like commonly happens there aren’t much news or infos about him however, in some way and don’t misunderstand me, it doesn’t matter! What’s really important, again, is that a chinese artist is showing us how here in Asia, in China mostly, Art couldn’t exist at high level if not related to Society, to life!

Air pollution has reach level as high as we can see just in post-apocalyptic movies. News are all over the international networks and everybody’s ready to blame the Country. In this messy environment Wang’s action seems silly and weird but has a tremendous poetic power to me. He just walked for more than 100 days around Beijing, in “the eye of the storm”, from July to November, bringing a vacuum cleaner and sucking up the air, the result of his action is a little brick made of “pollution” particles mixed up eventually with some clay.

Wang’s able to explaine without any single word written or spoken what every other Country in the world is trying the struggle. A nightmare, a silent deadly modern ghost ready to kill you slowly is now shamelessly in front of our eyes.

In China the Contemporary Art’s concept is strictly connected to the performance just because sometimes only an extreme action is able to describe modern reality’s brink. Old and repressed bad everyday-experiences and bad thoughts are suddenly expose, undress and, in this case, sucked up.



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